A harmonious employer-employee partnership helps to build a motivated and efficient work team, thereby enhancing the productivity and competitiveness of enterprises. As good employers, they should adopt good human resource management practices according to specific circumstances of their enterprises and employees’ preferences so as to bring benefits to both enterprises and employees, hence creating a win-win situation for employers and employees.

What is Good Human Resource Management?

An employee-oriented approach is the cornerstone of good human resource management practices. These include:

  developing an enlightened corporate culture;
  introducing employee-caring employment measures and promoting work-family / work-life balance; and
  maintaining good communication with employees or their associations for a harmonious labour relationship.

Why should we promote Good Human Resource Management?

By adopting good human resource management practices, employers could boost staff morale and enhance their employees’ sense of belonging. These measures are most effective in encouraging employees to make greater contribution and commitment and hence laying a solid foundation for business growth.

What are Good Human Resource Management practices?

There is a wide range of good human resource management practices, which can be generalised into the following categories:

I.Employment practices to care for employees

  To provide proper and appropriate employment practices according to the needs of different employees, e.g.:
  Flexi-working hours
  Work from home or remote work
  Adjusting work arrangements to facilitate employees’ continuous study / taking care of family

II.Practices to promote work-family / work-life balance

  To attach great importance to work-family / work-life balance of employees and provide measures to assist employees in taking care of both work and family / personal lives, e.g.:
  Child care support
  Facilities in workplace like breastfeeding room or rest room, etc.
  Stress and emotional counselling services

III.Employee benefits that are better than statutory requirements

  To provide benefits better than statutory requirements to employees, actualising their rewards and sharing with them the fruits of enterprises’ development, e.g.:
  Special leaves such as Birthday Leave, Compassionate Leave, etc. to cater for employees’ needs
  Travel / Study allowance
  Leave benefits better than statutory requirements

IV.Good communication with employees or their organisation(s)

  To build regular communication channels with employees, enabling both employers and employees to understand the needs and difficulties of each other and reaching agreements which are most beneficial to both sides, e.g.:
  Formal or informal communication and consultation mechanism
  Disseminating company information to employees regularly
  Employee opinion survey

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