Human capital is one of the most important assets of an enterprise. Employers who adopt employee-oriented good human resource management measures can help boost staff morale and enhance their employees’ sense of belonging. These measures are most effective in encouraging employees to make greater contribution and commitment and hence laying a solid foundation for business growth. In the current trend that people cherish work-family balance, adopting family-friendly employment practices is also of crucial importance in good human resource management. The adoption of family-friendly employment practices allows the employees to work wholeheartedly, enhances their productivity and work performance. In addition, it can also foster a sense of belonging of the employees and help build a positive image of the enterprise, leading to a win-win situation for employers and employees.

To continue cultivating the good human resource management culture promoted by the first Good Employer Charter and promoting good human resource management among enterprises, the Good Employer Charter 2020 features the theme of “Family-friendly Good Employer”. Employers are encouraged to empathically consider the family roles of their employees and adopt family-friendly employment practices which can help the employees to balance the responsibilities of their work and family.

The objective of the Good Employer Charter 2020 is to continuously encourage employers of different trades and scale (including small and medium enterprises) to adopt employee-oriented and progressive good human resource management practices. Employers should also formulate family-friendly employment policies by assessing different family responsibilities borne by their employees and help them fulfil their work and family needs simultaneously to create a family-friendly harmonious workplace.


All private organisations, public bodies (excluding government bureaux and departments), employer associations / trade unions / professional bodies, and non-government organisations / social enterprises / educational institutions in Hong Kong are eligible to participate. Participating organisations are required to provide copy of relevant documents for authentication (e.g. Business Registration Certificate, Certificate of Incorporation or other documents).

To be the signatories of the Good Employer Charter 2020, participating organisations are required to provide all the required information, actively implement good human resource management practices, strive to maintain good employer-employee relationship, and comply with relevant labour legislation (e.g. the Employment Ordinance and the Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance, etc.). Also, if participating organisations intend to use the newly added “Family-friendly Good Employer” logo, they should submit relevant information on the details and effectiveness of the adopted family-friendly employment practices.

The Organiser reserves the right to determine the eligibility of all participants.

Content of the Charter

Participants of the Charter pledge to be an employee-oriented employer and has adopted good human resource management practices relevant to the following aspects:

  Employment practices to care for employees
  Practices to promote work-family / work-life balance
  Employee benefits that are better than statutory requirements
  Good communication with employees or their organisation(s)

If participating organisations intend to use the newly added “Family-friendly Good Employer” logo, they should elaborate three most effective family-friendly employment practices adopted by the Organisation on a separate sheet (must include the details of the practices, implementation period, number of employees benefited and how the policies assisted the employees in discharging their family responsibilities) with NOT more than 200 words for each practice. The additional information will be considered as an important factor in deciding whether the Organisation can use the extra “Family-friendly Good Employer” logo.


No participation fee is required

Why do you need to join?

Organisations accredited by the Panel of Judges will-

  be awarded the Certificate of the Good Employer Charter 2020;
  be authorised to use the charter logo in their letterheads, publications and promotional materials for two years; and
  be listed in the signatory list of the Good Employer Charter 2020 on the thematic website for public access.


  Apart from the charter logo, organisations can also be authorised to use the newly added “Family-friendly Good Employer” logo for two years if the Panel of Judges considers they have been effectively promoting family-friendly employment culture after reviewing the additional information they submitted.

Accredited organisations may be invited to share their successful experience on adopting good human resource management and family-friendly employment practices at newspaper, publications or promotional activities organised by the Labour Department.

Panel of Judges

Professor Carlos Lo
Director, Centre for Business Sustainability, Business School of the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Department Head, Department of Government and Public Administration of the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Mr Cheung Sing Hung, BBS
Member, Labour Advisory Board
Mr Charles Chan Yiu Kwong
Member, Labour Advisory Board
Ms Margaret Cheng Wai Ching
President, Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management
Mr Raymond Liang Lok Man
Assistant Commissioner, Labour Department

Time Schedule

Kick-off Ceremony: 29 November 2019
Commencement: 1 December 2019
Deadline for Enrolment: 30 April 2020
Announcement of Results: The third quarter of 2020

How to Apply

Please complete the enrolment form and attach additional information as appropriate and return it to the Labour Department on or before 30 April 2020 by one of the following means. Late application will not be accepted:

By mail: Workplace Consultation Promotion Division, Labour Department
Room 520, 5/F, Mongkok Government Offices, 30 Luen Wan Street, Mongkok, Kowloon
By email: gec@labour.gov.hk
By fax: 2425 4132

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